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Archispec was formed through the merger of the unique talents between Steve Tate and Dan Ward.

The basis of the company has a rich and evolved history that began in Germany. Steve Tate was originally employed by William H. Roddis, founder of Roddiscraft Inc., the pioneer of German door and window systems in the United States. Mr. Roddis became enamored in particular with the european craftsmanship as he traveled through Germany. Realizing the uniqueness of this technology, he returned to Germany to purchase this equipment and started Roddiscraft in a small factory in Milwaukee, WI.

Steve Tate's long tenure under the German Master Craftsmen of Roddiscraft began in 1988. These years of experience gives Steve Tate a well founded, unique and highly specialized skill set that is unmatched in the United States.

The collaboration between Dan Ward and Steve Tate came into focus in 1999. Dan Ward was an accomplished custom home builder and incorporated many of the Roddiscraft products into his homes.

Today the same quality and artistry continues through Archispec. Our products can be seen in celebrity homes and commercial projects throughout the country.

Archispec Group Photo